Green Anaconda or Eurectes Murinus is one of the longest and the largest snakes in the world. The size of the longest and the haviest record ever in the 521 cm with a weight 97,5 kg.

            Anaconda colour pattern consists of green zaitun background with blackspot a long of the body. Its head is smaller than its body, usually with pink line – typical yellow on both of side. Its eyes are located on its head. Which make possible for snake to see out of the water while swimming without showing its body.

            Green Anaconda is founded in South America, in Fastern States Andes, include Colombia, Venezuela, Guianas, Ekuador, Peru, Bolivia, Trinidad Island from south to north Paraguay. Anaconda lives in swam and river with stream flow slow moving, expecially in tropical rain forest in Amazon and Orinoco Cavity. Green Anaconda eats various types of prey, nearly everything as long as they can defeat that prey. Include fish, bird, various mammals, and reptile.




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